Total investment:

€ 33,333

Franchise fee:

€ 8,333

Royalty fee:


Monthly marketing fee:


Number of franchises

Return (ROI)

Time period


12 000*

* Calculator calculations are provisional, not guaranteed


Foundation year: 2015

Year of franchising: 2015

Company units: 4

Franchise units: 17

Total number of units: 21

Number of employees per unit: 4

Contract period: 240 months

FITXBODY – a network of fitness studios personal training in EMS – methodology. EMS-fitness is an innovative and the most effective approach to training the body that allows you to achieve the most visible results. Training is held in a special suit with the connected electrodes through which the body to send electrical micro pulses. The pulses have a simultaneous impact on all groups of muscles, making trains more than 90% of the entire muscle composition of the body. For training unique equipment from one of the best European manufacturers XBody is used. Unique simulator stores the results, loads, and analyzes the indicators of training.
It is FITXBODY’s mission to always provide its business partners with innovative, unique, efficient, powerful, versatile and profitable concepts in the EMS business, reinforced by its’ own manufacturing facility and in-house development team.
During its operational years, the company has won several awards:
• FIBO Innovation Award: Best Interior and Design
• Pegazus Prize of Enterprise Investors, Bisnode andDentons: Best Growing Company
• Sport and Russia Prize: Best Innovative Project and Product
• Several other regional prizes
Quality assurance related certificates:
• TÜV Rheinland ISO 13485:2012
• TÜV Rheinland 60601
• Bisnode Creditworthy AA certificate
• 93/42 EEC Compliance
• EN ISO 9001:2015
Number of total units: 21 (4 company owned units + 17 franchise units)

The willingness of franchisee to comply with company standards and contract terms, in compliance with technology training and quality control procedures and equipment.
Financial ability to provide the franchise and the opening of the Studio in the selected format.
The willingness to develop the network.

In addition to the rights to use the trademark, a well-developed model of organizing and conducting the business is also given.
The warranty on the electrodes 5 years.
Warranty 2 years.
Free service.
Job descriptions, contracts, full set of documents to work with staff to help in the selection of trainers and managers, staff training in “fitxbody”. Full training for instructors is provided.
Free refresher training for employees.
Manual sales and service.
Motivational program for staff.
Assistance in site selection.
Individual design project with 3D renderings and construction drawings.
Guide to design of the Studio.
Guide of equipment for the Studio.
Recommendations for Studio equipment and contact information of the vendors.
A complete system of customer service.
Training programs.
Subscription system.
Loyalty program.
Personal page of the Studio on the corporate website “FITXBODY” and local promotion.
A personal Cabinet for each Studio with the possibility of operational use of a large package of marketing materials (posters, brochures, flyers, business cards, banners and other things) and changes in the layout directly on the site online. Promotion in social networks.
System for finding customers in your area.
Assistance in setting up targeted ads on your region.
Assistance in setting up Yandexdirect on your region.
Assistance in setting up Google Adwords on your region.
Developement of a local marketing plan to promote the Studio and its implementation.
Federal advertising campaign to increase brand awareness.
The brand book. Step – by step manual for franchisees how to organize proper studio’s functioning form every 1st day providing needed materials and equipment.

Provide with full training for instructors, customer service system, discounts on equipment and accessories.

Business model and investments
Basic investment: € 32 300
Monthly expenses: € 4900
Turnover per month: starting from € 6450
Maximum trainings per device daily: 22
Average number of training courses: 15
Average price for 1 training: € 20
Average income per month: € 12,300
Membership fee: € 8,000 1st studio (€ 4,000 for further studios)
EMS device New wave standart: € 10,500
EMS device Actiwave € 12,000
EMS device Actiwave +: € 14,900
EMS device Actiwave 2+: € 19,000
Construction, decoration: € 6,600
Franchise fee: € 8,000 (every further studio – € 4,000)
Marketing fee: € 160

Kozmina Irina