Total investment:

€ 25,000

Franchise fee:

€ 4,000

Royalty fee:


Monthly marketing fee:

€ 0.00

Number of franchises

Return (ROI)

Time period


12 000*

* Calculator calculations are provisional, not guaranteed


Foundation year: 2008

Year of franchising: 2010

Company units: 11

Franchise units: 60

Total number of units: 71

Number of employees per unit: 5

Contract period: 60 months

The company CitySites was founded in 2008. CitySites is a network of the city web sites on the territory of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, with coverage of 72 cities in 4 countries. The city web sites of CitySites hold leading positions in every city where we have our offices providing the users with the complete information about the life of the city.
All the dynamic and static information of the city where you live is available on 1 site – the city site (and its apps for mobile phones). It makes the information accessible for any device in user-friendly format. Connecting people around the place the live, the site becomes a single point for news, business, events, etc.

Everyone who is interested in internet business

For franchise candidates to get business bringing constant profit and to become the leader of the segment together with CitySites, company provides not only the trade mark and the city web site but also helps to set up the site on the server, familiarize the personnel with the product, train in selling techniques of the Internet advertisement and also provides the complete guide on business operations.
Services and materials provided by CitySites to the partners:
1. The gained and fully described experience of the company that you could conquer the market easily and promptly
2. Filling of the sections “Ads”, “Auto”, “Job” – automatic export is possible.
3. Assistance in purchasing office equipment.
4. Assistance in purchasing office furniture according to the standards of the company.
5. Constant technical support.
6. Constant support and consultation on the issues of business operations.
7. Exclusive advertising materials:
layouts of commercial offers – in color and black-and white;
banners: 88×33, 210×100, 468×60, 468×100;
placard models: Poster, Auto, Reference, Ads, Job;
model of the city-lights;
model of the billboards.
8. Package of the manager and executive:
agreement on the guide of the enterprises;
agreement on the banner advertising;
agreement on the barter;
job description of the manager, the executive;
questionnaires for the mangers;
telephone and e-mail communication;
blanks of the document, header.
9. The start-up of the service:
Personnel training on the site operation;
Personnel training on the selling techniques;
Familiarization with the standards of news presentation;
Training on the technique of business forwarding and development;
Professional advanced training of the personnel and management using special, focused training programs.
10. Mobile application of the city web site:
Example Play Market
Example App Store

The franchise fee includes:
creation of mobile applications on iOS and Android
the right to work under the brand CitySites;
a complete guide on business operations;
the package of advertisement materials;
start-up of the service;
making of the site.
The royalty fee includes:
launching of the city web site;
support of the web site health;
filling the site with the information such as weather, horoscope, currency rates, job, ads, auto;
technical assistance;
SEO forwarding on the main search requests;
constant consulting on the issues of business operations;
constant development and implementation of innovations on the web site;
Total investment includes:
franchise fee;
rent of office;
utilities, telephone communication, internet etc.;
purchase of office furniture;
purchase of equipment for staff (computers, printers, etc.);
4-5 months of royalty payments;
salaries for employees.

Vladislav Taushan