Total investment:

€ 246,063

Franchise fee:

€ 30,000

Royalty fee:


Monthly marketing fee:


Number of franchises

Return (ROI)

Time period


12 000*

* Calculator calculations are provisional, not guaranteed


Foundation year: 1996

Year of franchising: 2003

Company units: 1

Franchise units: 32

Total number of units: 33

Number of employees per unit: 6

Contract period: 60 months

Chocolate Graphics® is a company on the move. Growing from a small cottage based industry in 1996 to a global commercial venture in 2008. Chocolate Graphics currently market their unique patent protected products and manufacturing process worldwide using the Licensing/Franchising model. Chocolate Graphics is committed to becoming the recognised international market leader in the area of personalised chocolate.
The business represents a new and imaginative way to capitalise on the universal love of chocolate. Chocolate branding has a huge potential to be used for the distribution of promotional messages. The technology being used by Chocolate Graphics makes this process very affordable and quick. It allows a personalised message to be professionally embossed onto chocolate with chocolate.
The Chocolate Graphics vision is to:
Structure and develop a successful and highly profitable manufacturing and sales organization worldwide with a focus on:
– Sales of personalized chocolates to a wide range of target markets.
– The development of a network of highly successful Licensees.
This will be achieved by providing Chocolate Graphics Licensees worldwide with high quality support and information in order to empower them to provide Chocolate Graphics customers with the highest quality product and customer service.
Chocolate Graphics aims to become the market leader in the specialized area of personalized chocolate by combining traditional and non-traditional distribution channels.
This will be achieved by:
– Focusing on customers
– Providing an exemplary level of customer service
– Continuously improving production technology and the product range through research and development.
This is your chance to become a part of a new franchise opportunity that can offer you:
– Can be operated from your home office.
– Your own manufacturing operation.
– High sales revenue without high overheads.
– The ability to set your workload to suit your lifestyle.
No prior technical experience required (although chocolate eating experience highly recommended!).
The process is remarkably simple and straightforward. Many of our licensees have no prior chocolate making knowledge.
Become part of a team that:
– Values its network of licensees.
– Provides access to telephone and e-mail support.
– Provides motivational sales programs.
– Recognises that training makes the difference.
– Organises training seminars, promotional, incentive and recognition based campaigns.
– Offers international trips for achievers to meet top performers in other countries.
Operates and issues exclusive Licenses.

Should have good marketing skills.
No prior technical experience required.
The process is remarkably simple and straightforward. Many of our licensees have no prior chocolate making knowledge.

A Franchisee will receive the following:
– Easy to follow production and operational manuals.
– On-site training for manufacturing and production.
– Marketing support and training systems.

Length of franchise agreement (in years): life time
Marketing fee: N/A
Return on Investment (in months): 24
Number of total units: 33 (1 company owned unit + 32 franchise units)
Number of employees in 1 unit: varies from 3-10

John W Taylor