Total investment:

€ 70,000

Franchise fee:

€ 13,000

Royalty fee:


Monthly marketing fee:

€ 0.00

Number of franchises

Return (ROI)

Time period


12 000*

* Calculator calculations are provisional, not guaranteed


Foundation year: 2014

Year of franchising: 2015

Company units: 2

Franchise units:

Total number of units:

Number of employees per unit: 2

Contract period: 60 months

BREEZE studio is a Latvian based AQUAFIT studio that specializes in health and fitness industry providing individual fitness sessions with aquabike machines, body and face care treatments, physiotherapy activities and nutrition specialist consultations.
The individual fitness sessions are done with aquabike machines – specialized aquatic trainers, which magic lies in the possibility to do sports and cherish the body simultaneously. As a result, clients get three-in-one effect – water, bike and hydromassage. Cycling in water improves cardiovascular endurance, slowing the heart rate, increasing the lung capacity; whereas, the accompanying massaging effect by the water jets reduces cellulite, smooths the skin, strengthens veins, massages the muscles, improves posture, shape and well-being, decreases weight.
The aim of BREEZE studio was to create a place where individual fitness sessions take place in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere; thus encouraging clients to return and experience this pleasant fitness adventure repeatedly.
Workout + cozy atmosphere + healthcare provided by water massage = the main the main elements constituting BREEZE studio profile and success.

The ideal candidate should have experience in management and have passion towards the business and have sufficient capital for investment.
Previous beauty, fitness or customer service experience is not necessary, but preferred.
Communicative and open-minded.
Highly motivated and aim to ensure that the ambition and efforts will be rewarded.
Can create and manage an organisation that effectively recruits, trains, retains and motivates a high performing team.
A high degree of quality awareness and a sense of responsibility as well as customer-orientated thinking.

High level of customer service creates a pleasant atmosphere in BREEZE studios and is an essential source in creating customer loyalty and willingness to return. Before opening your first BREEZE studios franchisor will provide full training for your team either in HQ in Riga or in your country of residence. The training plan is precisely customized for
Studio Manager (in most cases expected to be the Franchisee him/herself)
Studio Senior Administrator
Franchisor takes into consideration the previous background level of your sales assistants and studio manager and the resources available.
Franchisee training program includes 5 steps:
1. Pre-training. During this period active communication between the Franchisor and Franchisee is maintained in order to assess and hire the most appropriate employees for the franchised unit.
2. Orientation. Trainee must know what BREEZE studio is; who are its clients; what are its values, vision and mission etc., so he/she could easier become a part of BREEZE studio network. Orientation also includes introduction to the team, rules and regulations, main job responsibilities.
3. Theory and practice. This is an important training stage as theory and practice cannot be really separated from each other. Theory and practice shall come together to repeat the learned materials the same day to remember them faster. During practice the trainee must be under constant supervision.
4. Paperwork. Work with documentation is an important part of BREEZE studio operations. Thus, trainees are introduced to all documentation required to be maintained at the BREEZE studio.
5. Certification. At the end of training employee is passing the test (written and practical). After the test, results are discussed with the trainee. If the training and training results are successful, employee is allowed to work for BREEZE studio network.

Length of franchise agreement (in years): 5
Return on Investment (in months): 24
Number of employees in 1 unit: 1-2

Jelena Silova